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Inspired by industry classics, this product is a fresh take on Excel-based workpapers. A key tool for all Accountants, RadiusCore's innovation brings improved productivity via intuitive design and seamless integration with workflow management software.

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Product Details

Xero General Ledger Integration

Xero accounting integration provides data integration of Xero’s GL balances to the workpapers, which can be used to verify workpaper calculations match information in Xero’s GL.

Additionally, an algorithm is available to perform an analysis of the Xero organisation's chart of accounts, using report code mapping to detect which workpapers are required to be completed. This feature is a massive time saver and ensures critical workpapers are not overlooked!

Xero Practice Manager Integration

Fully integrated with Xero Practice Manager, RadiusCore's workpapers provide numerous features to enable a seamless experience between cloud and desktop.

  • Update the State of a Job in XPM without leaving Excel.
  • View key performance indicators for a Job, such as estimated WIP and due dates.
  • Quick-links are available to enable fast navigation to XPM.

Review System

The workpapers feature a proprietory cloud-integrated review system. This integration allows users to digitally sign workpapers, indicating they have reviewed the calculations on the workpaper. It uses bespoke integration with Xero Practice Manager’s job settings to determine user permissions, ensuring only those users with appropriate roles assigned to them can digitally sign a workpaper.

  • Fine-grained control of user permissions. Use XPM Job settings or RadiusCore user permissions.
  • Digitally sign each workpaper, using your Xero account as identity verification.
  • Customise cosmetic aspects such as colouring workpapers once signed.

Informative Index Page

Illustrating the workpapers modern design, the Index page provides a visually appealing platform with which to keep track of workpaper progress. Showcasing a feature-rich workpaper suite, the index page displays functions such as:

  • Individual workpaper states, for fine-grained control.
  • The status of digital signatures applied by the Review System.
  • Status of workpaper calculations when compared to GL balances.
  • Hyperlinks to quickly navigate between various workpapers.


RadiusCore Workpaper

$50 NZD/month
excl. GST

  • Requires Excel Add-in Subscription
  • Unlimited Workpapers
  • Unlimited Users
  • Regular Updates
  • Priority Email Support

Three month free trial available

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